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April 13, 2004

The Heart in the Belly of the Beast

So it's the end of my graduating term and I'm finishing twenty-one credits (a normal term is fifteen, fyi). I guess I'm doing all right. I feel half sick all the time but I know that's just me, just now, and temporary. Truth is, I always have and always will care too much about learning, even within a system I don't believe in at all; my heart's in the content, though not the form.

I've also always conceived of myself as both a head-stuck person and a person not of this age, and so at least this anthropology binge is helping me to clarify those ideas it's like Harold Innis and Walter Benjamin said: the old wisdom is just information with ties to morality; that's what we're losing with the modern communication systems, that knowledge with integrity, but people still yearn for it and struggle with it.

So even in the belly of the beast, I've never been able to separate learning from believing; I'm doomed to give a shit, I guess, to feel my arguments and put my heart into all of my writing... including my dumb end of term essays.

Posted by Delire at April 13, 2004 05:19 PM
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