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May 01, 2004

I'd rather be devastated if I can't have you

The award for least grammatically logical song goes to Angie Stone, for her awe inspiring solo, Bottles 'n' Cans .

Its... subtle, beauty is that it only makes sense if you don't think about it. How Zen, right? Here's an example:

I would rather be pickin' up bottles and cans
If you can't be my man.
I would rather be homeless in the street
With no food to eat.
I'd rather be facing twenty to life
If I can't be your wife
Now I know that it seems like I'm crazy for you
That's what love can do

In other news...

The Mayday rally today, only about 2000 people. But the HEU focus seemed to really drive that limited crowd. The head of the B.C. Federation of Labour avoided the words "general strike" as usual, but he came close in his speech, and pretty much everyone else was calling for it... we'll see if this province can get off the gravol for long enough to make a difference.

N.B. No, it could not.

Posted by Delire at May 1, 2004 07:33 AM
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