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August 16, 2004

The Centre Cannot Hold

I just spent a wonderful long weekend hiking the Deeks Creek and Lake area. My body has zero grace in the urban environment but is practically fleet in the forest. Blaine, Gina and I walked for hours up and down foothills, drank rich and muddy camp coffee, swam at our trail's apex, and then lay like lizards on the hot stones. I woke early every morning and wrote, some of which I posted above.

I want to spend more time engaged in the forest like that it makes living in Vancouver fully worthwhile, as one only has to drive forty-five minutes to do this stuff. Vancouver is quite livable in its own right, but after visiting cultural meccas such as San Francisco and Grande Prairie, I've realized that Vancouver is also very much an adolescent city. As a friend said, "it spends a lot of time looking at itself in the mirror."

For the moment, Vancouver is equally at a loss for small-town quaintness (e.g. G.P.) and big-town personality (e.g. S.F.); it's into cosmetics, fast cars, and doing whatever the cool kids (e.g. T.O.) are up to, but it doesn't really yet know who it is or what it wants.

A tangent. I apologize. And for the record, I really began this post to say that I'm planning on upheaving Spezzato's archival system so that my poetry, fiction, prose, recipes, and other rants and writings may be explored categorically. It is obvious to me now that I am unlikely to take up the orderly daily blogging I was conducting at the end of the school year, at least as long as the sky is blue which in Vancouver is not a rhetorical statement.

But I may even work in material from that half year of travelling Blaine and I did in 2001 if I can work up the guts to sort through the 3,000 slides under the bed and innumerable inspirations in my head which remain to be processed.

Camus said there was enough material in the experience of leading a single day in a single room to write about for a lifetime; perhaps he was just limiting himself so as not to feel too overwhelmed, but I still believe him.

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