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September 01, 2004

omg! the f'n rnc

Hey guys, it's Republican National Convention time! Now fellow Canadians, don't go hiding your heads in the sand just because you think America is a "different country" or "scarier than hell these days". You'd be missing out on the fun side of fascism if you did that. The RNC is like a big ol' party! Sure it's scary like Hallowe'en! Just check out Arnold Schwarzenegger's keynote address on today's theme: A Land of Opportunity.

It is terribly, perfectly psychologically researched, and too Ahnold to be true. Just try and stomach it all the way to the really flabbergasting footage. I mean, beginning with a crocodile-tears tale of his war-torn Soviet childhood (perversely reminiscent of current descriptions of Iraq) he actually says *BIG SPOILER HERE* that he wants to terminate terrorism and free the States from economic girly-men. *END OF BIG SPOILER*

Well, a quick google shows that he talks that way in politics all the time... oh. I got the feeling watching him that he will be America's president some day. I don't know if the preeminent American-ness of that would make the decline of things better or worse.

Posted by Delire at September 1, 2004 12:28 AM

They would have to change the US constitution for Arnold to be president, you have to be a born a US citizen to become president. Thankfully this means the worst Arnold could be is a governor, or a cabient member, but not president. It's the same reason that Madaline Albright is not considered a possible presidential canidate.

Posted by: rabble at September 2, 2004 02:20 PM
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