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January 23, 2007

Work News

The notebook entries I've posted lately have been rather non sequitur. I'm sorry. This is probably because my writing has become polarized between play and work, and I've just been throwing up (haha) the stuff I've been playing around with in writing groups. Don't worry -- I am still a Serious Poet. I'll prove it with some nice, dry news with which to mop up all the ether:

Good news! I sold five poems to Room of One's Own.   Incidentally, this was the first literary journal that I ever read, as a twelve year old radical feminist. The poems will be in vol. 30:2.

In February, I'm going to attend a workshop taught at the University of Arizona Poetry Center by Carolyn Forche.   She's a powerful, political poet who I've read extensively, so I'm quite excited. Incidentally, Tucson, my fellow Canadians, is real -- though appearances otherwise are still convincing.

Moving in federally-funded-arts time, the series of Poetics articles that I wrote for the League of Canadian Poets' youth program is being translated into French. Pending the much-needed rennovation of Re:verse,   where it currently looks like my article was written by Bonnie Friedman, the whole series will soon be available to go over the heads of 12 to 19 year olds in both official languages.

Bad news! I crashed another hard-drive, Blaine's this time, grinding away at another deadline. The deadline was extended; the warranty was not. Ouch.

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