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February 08, 2007

Taqsim, by Zaid Shlah

Leave the window, leave
the poplar, leave the clouds,
the blue tinged by sun --

leave the spruce and its cobalt
line, leave the crow and the magpie,
leave intentions and reflections, leave
the bodies as they pass, leave the couch,
leave the river, leave the grass, leave the
gaze -- it's not to know; leave listlessness --
it grows too much, leave the words
rooting in your eye, leave the sun
and leave its lie --

go and be something beautiful
before you're eclipsed

From Taqsim, fresh from Frontenac House (2006). Zaid is an Iraqi-Canadian who has thought very hard about narrative vis--vis politics in Iraq. He says has chosen to discuss this in poetry because it gets at the heart of things, and because he loves it. His style is gorgeously personal, cerebral and in love. At the same time as all of this, I was the only attendee who was not a student of his at his SF reading. Buy his book and support the progressive arts!

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