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October 11, 2011

Timeless Romantic Advice for Young Lovers

(1) "Avoid looking at a boy with your soul in your eyes." (1921, 'Manners & Conduct in School and Out', Deans of Girls in Chicago High Schools).

(2) "If you would have a serene old age never woo a girl who keeps a diary." (1905, 'The Cynic's Rules of Conduct', Chester Field Jr).

(3) "Never have flowers floating — not even orchids. Flowers drown as quickly as people and look desolate like so many Ophelias." (1937, 'Can I Help You?', Viola Tree).

(4) "Women who smoke must drink something stronger than tea." (1855, 'The London Journal').

(5) "It is unwise to invite your psychiatrist to your parties and other social events." (1967, 'Etiquette Etceteras', Sheila Ostrach).

(6) "No young man or young woman can afford to read fiction before they are twenty-five years of age." (1904, 'What a Young Man Ought to Know', Sylvanus Stall).

(7) "Money is never talked of in polite society; it is taken for granted." (1901, 'The Book of Good Manners', Mrs. Burton Kingsland).

This are the best bits of 'Wicked Eitquette', by Sarah Kortum. I found them in the back of a notebook... which I'm writing in again. So, poem-posts soon, unless I break down and update this site instead. What do you think? Needs a lick of paint, perhaps...

Posted by Delire at October 11, 2011 08:50 AM

Pour ne pas être à l'intérieur du comprendre le plus souvent, je suis enclin à n'aimez pas les messages concernant ce sujet progressivement supplémentaires considérez que vous êtes à l'écrire à la mode outre vos moyens personnels, nous avons obtenu de dire, c'est vraiment, vraiment une belle publier de ceux à retenir.

Posted by: abercrombie france at September 5, 2012 07:21 PM
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