Le paradis n'est pas artificiel …

relaunch dreams
9.9.14 [roughest of drafts]
Poet, Eileen Myles, to Teen Self
Steinbeck's trip abroad
Timeless Romantic Advice for Young Lovers
Non-Artsy Entry
Action Without Illusion
RIP, Utah Phillips
Déjà Bu
As For Me
Kurt Vonnegut, RIP.
Old Man Takes Bronze
Work News
the Optimist
San Francisco
It's a...
Esoterica on the Novel
Apology for Zidane
Lear Incarnate
top ten, re: Shouldn't Let a Punk House Sit
Cuisine of Canada
top ten, re: Nationalism
robots not rabbits
Don Knotts, RIP.
top ten re: absence
razor blade of a magic feather
news from the garden path
kung hei fat choi
music in my head
A Letter
Dictionary Fun
Rising Tide on a Load Bearing Mind
Papercrete, so to speak...
A Riddle
A Mystery
Bread and Books...
Planted in Early Spring
pop-roasted coffee experiment
Shanghai, China, 27/02/01
Question of the Day
Miffs of Antiquity
the Flow of Concentration (attempting to focus in a darkened café)
Words of Advice, Anybody?
Happy Thanksgiving / Columbus Day
Words of Advice
Queer VIFF Film Held by Canada Customs
Carmelita's: Cultural Density Yum
a rant on Canadian social state nostalgia
Lightning Strikes (the high point)
omg! the f'n rnc
weird soliloquy: a fog, a film, an itch
Summer is as Summer Does
The Centre Cannot Hold
Ik Kijk Niet
Obsessing the Metaphor
Some Esoterica on a Monocultural Identity
About the Vacation
top eleven bi-slogans
Attempting Glimpses of Glory
the tyranny of the blog
I'd rather be devastated if I can't have you
shakin' my bones for a general strike
all I have to say is
présentation de Délire
doomed to be free
Oh! Spartacus!
the value of an education
No Sleep Coming or Going
No Such Thing as a Noisy Void
Am I the Only One?
But Good Gin
Mono No Aware part two
Mono No Aware part one
The Heart in the Belly of the Beast
Daniel of the Woods
Radical Native Art: an interview with Tania Willard